Colorado turkey hunting
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Colorado Turkey Hunting

Spring Season Application and Brochure Information

Hunters will be able to apply online for limited spring turkey applications starting December 15. The deadline to apply for Spring Turkey is February 11, 2010.

The 2010 Turkey regulation brochure, containing paper applications, should be available late December. The 2009 brochure (pdf) is left for reference.

Outdoors Journal Turkey Articles

Talking Turkey: Turkey hunters throughout American history have searched for ways to imitate the vocabulary of the wild turkey. The most successful discoveries have been mouth operated calls, and calls operated by scraping a host of different objects together. Most of the early designs remain in use today in their original forms, with an expected amount of evolution in the materials used.

Through the years, turkey calls settled into two basic groups; friction calls including box calls, slates, and plungers, and mouth calls including diaphragm calls and trumpet yelpers.

Experienced hunters may carry several types of calls, but most prefer the diaphragm call for its accuracy of tone and its versatility, and because it leaves both hands free. Some hunters claim that becoming proficient with a diaphragm call is like having a second set of vocal cords just for talking turkey.

Read more of Talking Turkey by Dennis McKinney, or read another Outdoor's Journal turkey article: Merriam's of the Mountains or Turkey Trekking.

The Risks of Hunting Turkey

Hunter Outreach Program Coordinator Jim Bulger is sharing his turkey hunting safety tips with you in Turkey Hunting 101. Jim’s advice will keep you and other hunters safe —and might help you to get a turkey too!
  • Nationally, nearly one hundred turkey hunters are injured each year (The National Wild Turkey Federation estimates that there are around 3 million turkey hunters in the U.S.).
  • Turkey hunting is the second leading category for hunting accidents. Turkey hunting accidents in Colorado are rare, in no small part because of our hunter education standards and the wealth of safety information available.
  • The overwhelming majority of turkey hunting incidents involve hunters shooting other hunters.
For your safety and the safety of others...
  • Take extra care when shooting from a blind: Your visibility is limited, and others will have trouble seeing you.
  • Be careful when using full-strut tom decoys—many are made with real turkey feathers and can easily be mistaken by others as a live turkey.
  • Be sure to set decoys where you will be able to see it and any approaching hunters: announce your presence.
For more, check out Jim's other safety tips. And, have a safe and successful hunt! Hunting accidents in Colorado are rare—but they can be serious.

Courtesy of the
Colorado Division of Wildlife

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